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Junior Firefighter Obstacle Course

Has your child ever said they wanted to be a Firefighter? Do they run to the windows and curbside when Firetrucks go by with sirens and lights going off? Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department offers a chance for children to participate in our Junior Firefighter Obstacle course. Our course consists of kid friendly obstacles that mimic different tasks that Firefighters do on the job. 

Rules & Requirements​
  • Obstacle Course is for organized events only, no birthday parties or private family events.

  • Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department requires an event request form to be submitted at least one (1) month prior to date of event. 

  • The Community Relations Committee will review the request.

  • The Community Relations Committee will have a member approve the area in which the course will be placed.

  • Obstacle Course must have a designated area for operations that must be in grass only for safety.

  • All children participating must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release form to receive their badge sticker to participate.

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