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To play Fireball, you must have a team of four. Each foursome has a hideous, brightly colored ball that rotates among players. Player 1 uses it on the first hole, player 2 on the second, and so on. Player who posseses the Fireball at each hole will need to keep the score on both scorecards:

          a) Tournament Scorecard

          b) Fireball Scorecard.  


A trophy will be given to the team with the best Fireball score. 

When your team signs up for the Fireball game, you will be given a bright color scorecard to keep your Fireball scores on, please return the scorecards to a PGVFD Volunteer at the Country Club. 

If a team loses the Fireball, it's out of the Fireball game and can continue playing golf normally.  

This game is a extra $100 per team, that is only $25 a person and all the proceeds will go to aid the Firefighter Relief Fund.

DOWNLOAD Fireball Game Entry Form

For more information, please contact Fireball Classic coordinator: 

Blake Thompson - or 281-865-7806.

Our NEW Annual FireBall Game

How to Play

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