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Fun Safety Videos

Fire Safety Rap

Sparky Says: Join My Fire Safety Club

Get Low and Go!

Elmo Visits the FDNY

NFPA Firefighters On Their Way

Fire Truck Story

Fire Safety Tips

Just Right?
  • Remind grown-ups to test the water before placing children or themselves in the tub.​

Cool a Burn
  • Treat a burn right away.  Put it in cool water for 3-5 minutes.  Cover with a clean, dry cloth. 

  • Remind grown-ups that if the burn is bigger than your fist, or if you have any questions, to get medical help right away.

Match and Lighter Safety
  • Tell a grown-up if you find matches or lighters.

  • Grown-ups should keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet.

Candle Caution
  • Remind grown-ups to put out lit candles when they leave a room

  • Stay three feet away from burning candles. 

Heating Reminders
  • Remind grown-ups to keep space heaters 3 feet from anything that can burn.

  • Grown-ups should always turn off space heaters every time they leave the room and before going to bed.

  • Remind grown-ups never to use an oven to heat your home.

​Burn Notice
  • Remind grown-ups to keep hot foods and liquids away from tables and counter edges so they cannot be pulled or knocked over.

  • Grown-ups should away be careful when using things that get hot such as curling irons, oven, irons, lamps, heaters.

  • Hot things can hurt you.  Stay away from hot things.

Safety Smart Grown-up Reminders
  • Know the emergency number for your fire department (911).

  • Make a home fire escape plan with your family.

  • Find two ways out of every room and an outside meeting place.

  • Practice your escape plan twice a year

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside each bedroom and outside each sleeping area.

  • Test smoke alarms once a month.

  • Replace smoke alarms every 20 years.

  • When the smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside!


Kids Corner

Games & Activities

NFPA Sparky the Fire Dog

NFPA Sparky the Fire Dog


Fire Safe Kids


Fireman Sam


Fire Safety Activites


Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety

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Sesame Street Coloring

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