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Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements must be met to apply as a volunteer?
  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Pass a criminal/DMV background check

  • Possess a current Texas Class C Driver’s License

How much time is required? 

PGVFD has volunteers from all walks of life including engineers, executives, nurses, teachers, and many more. Many of these volunteers have a spouse and children.  As a volunteer you are able to rest at the station until you are dispatched to an incident.  Our scheduling process is flexible and can accommodate most people. If working shifts and/or being a firefighter is not for you, we have other positions in support to assist with other fire departments needs.

When are the volunteer shifts?

Volunteer firefighter time blocks are Friday night to Monday morning, scheduled in 10, 14, 24 hour time blocks. Support Members normally meet on the weekdays in the evening or on the weekends for various different projects. 


How can I ensure my safety if I volunteer?

Emergency services can be a potentially hazardous atmosphere by nature.  We will never ask you to put yourself in any situation in which you are not comfortable. We mitigate the risks through extensive training. 

Which station will be mine?

Currently volunteers report to Station 1 for duty time blocks and for support duties.

Will the department provide the necessary equipment?

The department provides its firefighters with a full set of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for emergency response. Uniform shirts are also provided.

Do you offer CPR Classes?

       The department unfortunately des not offer CPR training for civilians.

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